Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just say "I saw it on the Radio"!

Perhaps I am spoiled with satellite radio, I sit through endless hours of music with for the most part no radio DJ and very little imaging. I guess that is the trade off that I must make not to sit through 7 minutes worth of spots. Yes 7 minutes is what some stations play in the spot cluster (at :21 and :47). Back in the day we used to play 9 minutes an hour (3 minutes each at :21, :35 and :47) and all spots were sold. Most hours would not have a break at :35. Today stations are selling to a saturation point and they play spots in all spaces that are not filled. Every hours has a full 14 minutes worth of spots giving you more than enough time to say "I saw it on the radio"!

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't sit through that many spots all at once. Over here in the UK it depends on the station and its listening figures.

If it's lets say Virgin Radio, one of the leading commercial top 40 stations with a huge audience base, they tend to play quite a lot of ads in one hour. It can be very annoying sometimes especially when you've heard them so many times before.

I've not been around for as long as you Jerry but they say that in time, things change. I can‘t imagine how radio will work in 100 years to come.

Kindest Regards