Saturday, December 29, 2007

2008 A New Year

I am so looking forward to the new year 2008 and I am wondering what might be in-store for BigMouthStudio? Perhaps a bunch of new clients and making new business contacts like my friend Alan over at VoxJunction or Kris a up an coming voice talent. It's really the people that we meet in the course of business that really makes a new year prosperous. So here's to the new year 2008 may it be full of wonderful people. Happy New Year 2008 from Jerry McCrae and BigMouthStudio!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holiday's

I wish the very best for you this holiday season. Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year from Jerry McCrae and!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dear Santa!

I have been a really good boy Santa... No really I have and I deserve so much more than a big old lump of coal. This year instead of the coal, would you mind bringing me a brand new Neumann. So if it not tooooo much of a problem would you drop off the "Neumann U87 Anniversary Set"? It has everything that I want in a carrying case and just drop it off at BigMouthStudio. Don't worry Santa it will find me just fine. Psssst! Just between you and me, I will have lots of cookies ready on Christmas Eve. Thanks in advance Santa! You're the best! P.S. If you don't get me the Neumann U87, would you please bring me Stella? Thanks a bunch Santa!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hello Gorgeous!

I know what you are saying right now. "Jerry you are such a geek" and "Yes" you are correct that I am a geek. I have always loved the look of the old school Vespa Scooters and now Genuine Scooters brings back old school scooters that are brand new with a manuel transmission and loads of fun. WOW this scooter is very cool. Hello Stella... Hello Gorgeous! Stella, soon to be the official transportation of BMS! :-)

Just say "I saw it on the Radio"!

Perhaps I am spoiled with satellite radio, I sit through endless hours of music with for the most part no radio DJ and very little imaging. I guess that is the trade off that I must make not to sit through 7 minutes worth of spots. Yes 7 minutes is what some stations play in the spot cluster (at :21 and :47). Back in the day we used to play 9 minutes an hour (3 minutes each at :21, :35 and :47) and all spots were sold. Most hours would not have a break at :35. Today stations are selling to a saturation point and they play spots in all spaces that are not filled. Every hours has a full 14 minutes worth of spots giving you more than enough time to say "I saw it on the radio"!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

AM Radio is now DEAD?

I remember listening to the world on my transistor radio that picked up great stations like CKLW the Big 8, WOWO Radio 1190, 610 WTVN, and WWWE AM 1100 (Now WTAM), no doubt I had more dead 9 volt batteries and was always in need of fresh new ones. The little ear piece that you could pick for $1.29 at any Radio Shack was damn uncomfortable. Bob Sievers from WOWO used one of those ear pieces to monitor WOWO, I should know I sold him one when I worked at Radio Shack. Wow who knew? Then FM radio came around and they said AM would die, we now have HD Radio and AM still lives on. When we all able to pick up Net Radio in our cars will AM radio finally die or will they reinvent themselves once again? Would it be profitable to start a Net Radio station? How dose Net Radio make money? I have a couple of friends that have Net Radio Stations and they are not making a cent because listeners are not willing to set through 7 minutes of commercial announcements. Will Steve "Boom Boom" Cannon (Hello WHLO AM 640) still be the King of Trivia?  All points to ponder while listening to our favorite AM station. Now back to much more music on the big 8 CKLW!

"State of the Art"

I find it interesting the way things are sold and imaged. Take for example the statement "State of the Art", back in the day this was used to sell new TV's that had digital circuitry and no longer relied on tubes and this was a vast improvement. Back then TV shows were in B&W and I remember watching the FBI on Sunday night and the statement on the screen was "In Color" and we were watching on a B&W TV! How we wanted to watch that show in color. Fast forward today... TV shows can now be viewed in HD and on my web site it says "Jerry does voice work from his state of the art digital studio in his home." Funny thing is "What is old is new again?" and my pre-amp for my microphone has a tube in it! State of the art digital studio? Well for the most part yes! Digital sound is perhaps to nice or sterile and it needs a little color, so enter the tube pre-amp. Yes what is old is new again!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

All about

Studio Name: Jerry McCrae Productions
Wed site address:
Years in Business: Since Oct 2005
What we do: is the perfect studio for anyone who needs an extravoice for promotional or commercial spots. We do image liners too.
About: Jerry McCrae spent 15 years in radio and found himself "on the beach" with no steady income. Jerry got a job in customer service, but still wanted to be involved in radio, so he opened his own little production company called "Jerry McCrae Productions" and hung his shingle at on the web. Jerry does voice work from his "state of the art" digital studio in his home.

The Big Boss Sound

Well I don't really have the "Big Boss" sound of the 70's, but I can come close. Here is a demo of all types of music promo's done Jerry McCrae style also known as the "Big Boss" sound of BigMouthStudio! Here we go!

Something is in the Strange Air tonight!

I am a voiceover guy and an imaging guru (OK no one has given me the title as of yet, but I'm working on it!) and Matt Roberts with Strange Air Radio needed some help for his sick little show, oddly enough called Strange Air Radio. So I voiced the liners that he needed and sent them to him dry. I loved this one so much that I added some sound effects (from Beavis and Butthead) and the music from "Fractional Fairy Tales" and "POOF" you get "TasteLess Strange Air Radio"! Check it out by click on the play button below:

Wimpy Button Player

Strange Air Radio... The Mad Magazine of the internet radio world!

Great Idea Alan!

So my friend, his name is Alan Bainbridge and he lives across the pond. He has this really great idea that he is going to start a blog as another way to show off his voice work and I think "BRILLIANT" why didn't i think of that. Well because I am a dumb radio guy... that's why! Everything in radio or voiceover has already been done and we all copy off of each other! So Alan, I am copying off you. Hope you don't mind!