Sunday, December 16, 2007

"State of the Art"

I find it interesting the way things are sold and imaged. Take for example the statement "State of the Art", back in the day this was used to sell new TV's that had digital circuitry and no longer relied on tubes and this was a vast improvement. Back then TV shows were in B&W and I remember watching the FBI on Sunday night and the statement on the screen was "In Color" and we were watching on a B&W TV! How we wanted to watch that show in color. Fast forward today... TV shows can now be viewed in HD and on my web site it says "Jerry does voice work from his state of the art digital studio in his home." Funny thing is "What is old is new again?" and my pre-amp for my microphone has a tube in it! State of the art digital studio? Well for the most part yes! Digital sound is perhaps to nice or sterile and it needs a little color, so enter the tube pre-amp. Yes what is old is new again!

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