Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hello Gorgeous!

I know what you are saying right now. "Jerry you are such a geek" and "Yes" you are correct that I am a geek. I have always loved the look of the old school Vespa Scooters and now Genuine Scooters brings back old school scooters that are brand new with a manuel transmission and loads of fun. WOW this scooter is very cool. Hello Stella... Hello Gorgeous! Stella, soon to be the official transportation of BMS! :-)

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Alan said...

Hey Jerry, I didn't realise you were a scooter fanatic ! In that case you might want to check out one of my all time favourite movies "Quadrophenia" covering the story of the scooter riding British Mods and their battles with the bike riding Rockers in the mid 60s:-