Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dear Santa!

I have been a really good boy Santa... No really I have and I deserve so much more than a big old lump of coal. This year instead of the coal, would you mind bringing me a brand new Neumann. So if it not tooooo much of a problem would you drop off the "Neumann U87 Anniversary Set"? It has everything that I want in a carrying case and just drop it off at BigMouthStudio. Don't worry Santa it will find me just fine. Psssst! Just between you and me, I will have lots of cookies ready on Christmas Eve. Thanks in advance Santa! You're the best! P.S. If you don't get me the Neumann U87, would you please bring me Stella? Thanks a bunch Santa!


Anonymous said...

The very thought of a Neumann microphone should make everyone excited. I've heard all sorts of people raving about how brilliant Neumann’s are, it's just a shame about the price tag. One day Jerry, the Neumann U87 Anniversary Set could very well be yours. I think it's even out of Santa’s price range.

BigMouthStudio said...

So Kris, what you are saying is that Santa is broke this year and we would have a better chance of getting a snow ball into hell? Go figure... Just my luck. DAMN!

Anonymous said...

I think the best Santa can do is carve you a wooden version of a Neumann - One with wheels, so you can put it to good use.