Saturday, January 5, 2008

All those little Knobs!

Now that 2008 is firmly in command, it's time to think about upgrades to the infrastructure here at This time around it will be a hardware upgrade. I think that a compressor / limiter & an exciter would be an excellent addition to BMS. The problem is, "What do all those little knobs do"? How do you keep the sound that you've got and fully use the new equipment to enhance that sound, when you have not a clue on where to set all those knobs? Trail and error? If you ask Alan he will tell you that I am the "King of Warm" and that I have found that "One" thing that makes my current set up work. Ah yes all those little knobs! On top of that how do I rationalize the cost -vs- the effect that this hardware would have on my work flow in the studio. Where can I get a micro loan? I don't think that I qualify for, Loans that change lives. Perhaps we will have to wait until 2009, Or if could get 40 people to give me $25 each, then I would have enough money to upgrade BMS... notice I said give... not loan! :-)

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